Discuss The Educational Preparation Of The MSN, DNP, And PhD – Term Paper Example

Nursing Nursing is simply defined as a vocation which focuses on the care of individuals with an aim of retaining and sustaining optimal health. There are several professional, scientific and societal developments that have augmented a radical paradigm modification in the field of nursing (Slimmer, 2009). In this discipline, there are various fundamental skills that are taught to the learners when they commence the nursing course. Additionally, these skills substantially depend on the career that the student is venturing in the nursing discipline. This paper will discuss the educational preparation of the MSN, DNP, and PhD.
In the discipline of nursing, there are several educational programs that are offered. They programs are identified as preparation programs in the nursing field. They include AND, DNP, MSN, PhD and BSN. In addition, there are specialty roles, which are also assigned to the learners. In the practice of nursing, MSN specialists advance to DNP nurses after undergoing an educational program. In the past, the educational preparation programs were considered as the foreground of the nursing profession (School of Nursing and Health Professions, 2012).
When an individual is specialized in MSN, he or she can advance to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) level. This program mainly entails 64 units that can be accomplished in approximately two years (School of Nursing and Health Professions, 2012). The DNP mostly concentrates on direct care through utilizing research in order to improve health care. After attaining the DNP degree, nurses can prepare for a PhD. According to doctoral studies, there is a shortage for in the PhD sector. In conclusion, the nursing profession expects that all nurses go through rigorous training to achieve the best possible standards in health care practice.
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