Discussion 2: Crafting A Mission And Vision For An Organization – Term Paper Example

Crafting a Mission and Vision for Mountain View Health Center Crafting a Mission and Vision for Mountain View Health Center Mission and Vision Statements
According to Candy et al (2011, p. 69), "Mission or purpose statements clearly state the foundational reason the organization exists". Mountain View Health Center exists as a nonprofit healthcare organization serving a rural multicultural community of farmers in Townsville (Laureate Education, 20113b). In this regard, the mission of the hospitals should be; Commitment to provide affordable, culturally sensitive, and collaborative care to its clients. A vision statement as asserted by Nelson and Gardent (2011) offers direction in terms of what the organization ought to achieve in future. This should also relate to the needs of the community. For instance, the community is in need of safe drinking water, and the hospital is in need of expansion and collaboration with local physicians in order to achieve financial viability (Laureate Education, 2013b). On the basis of these needs, the vision should be: To create opportunities for health improvement for the community. This would be achieved through collaboration with local leaders and local organizations, for instance to provide solutions to safe drinking water. This would also be achieved through expanding the hospital in order to attract physicians in an effort to deal with the historical physician shortage.
In terms of the insights i have gained in creating the mission and vision statements of Mountain View Health Center, organizations must collaborate with the community and depict their core principles in their mission and vision. This means that organizational objectives must be aligned with the needs of the community, and consider the feelings of the general population. A vision statement should also be framed in a way that motivates employees if the objectives and targets formulated are to be achieved. For instance, the need to create health improvement opportunities through collaboration can motivate employees as the outcome will benefit the whole community.
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