Discussion Question – Term Paper Example

Feeling the Need for Speed Around a thousand new cars hit the streets of Beijing in China. Car ownership levels in China are growing swiftly. A car is a symbol of freedom and status. But this feeling of the need for speed is changing China. This transformation however, carries a heavy price of badly jam-packed streets and rising carbon dioxide emissions.
The need for transformation: a perspective from a Chinese citizen
The main advantage of buying a car is transportation. If you do not have your own car, you are dependent on walking, asking others to give you a ride or taking cabs or public transportation. The convenience of going anywhere you want, whenever you want, without being dependent on anyone else is beneficial. Safety is also one of the main reasons why it is advantageous to own a car. People who walk or use public transportation are at a greater risk of getting robbed and rained. You are protected inside your own vehicle and you don’t have to worry about the weather or any other possible assault or crime against you.
China is a developing country. It is more convenient for the people get a car that can help get or maintain their job or studies. You don’t have to depend on others to drive you to work or school. A car gives a sense of responsibility, stability and financial security. Owning a car can help make a better impression from other people. The type of car bought also affects others’ perception. You may impress others by buying a luxury vehicle. People have tendency to speculate that you don’t have a good job when you don’t have a car.
The hefty price: North American view
Chinas car ownership boomed hence traffic jams are becoming a huge headache in many cities. The number of cities with over one million vehicles has reached 15. The impact on the environment of this change should not be overlooked. When everyone wants to join the crowded streets, a great environmental impact arises. The quality of the air worsens as car ownership increases. The technological progress has not safeguarded the hike in emissions. If we won’t care about our environment, we ourselves will suffer the consequences.
Too much dependence in cars results in decrease of physical exercise and is detrimental to health. People from the North are much used in walking from buildings to buildings. They are benefited health wise. A human body needs a regular exercise. Walking and biking in short destinations is helpful. Aside from this, too much dependence in cars means more expenses. Reducing the use of cars means saving your money.
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