GROUPS – Term Paper Example

Outline of the Research Paper I. II. Introduction a. Brief History and Development of this area of the counseling field in general. Based onthe biblical basis of Christ-center groups, people need to be cherrised and valued. Clients were seeking, in this stage of the counseling field development, social interaction which was often found within groups. Specialized studies were set to examine, based on these biblical values, also the impact of culture and culturally differences on group behavior. Next, studies regarding group dynamics enlightened the importance of cohesion in therapy groups. Nowadays, studies are primarily focused on the standards of professional and ethical decisions for group workers.
b. Introduction of topic and its importance in the field of counseling.
This research paper aims to explore the following concepts: group process and dynamics when forming and working through the stages of development when counseling members It also explains the characteristics and importance of an effective facilitator or group leader when communicating and interacting within group therapy. The paper will further explain the identity, function, and ethical requirements in group work as a professional and Christian counselor.
III. Primary Themes Covered in Your Paper
a. Major themes relevant to your topic (Include at least five aspects of your topic and describe them).
A major concepts used in describing a group therapy structure is leadership. Groups have different purposes that require leaders to be flexible in their approach and understanding of interpersonal and intrapersonal interaction between group members.
Another topic refers to the fact that importance and effectiveness of an academic group work is based on the cohesiveness of the group. In this case, the discussion is led by the following aspect: any academic group work has its own uniqueness and each member’s experience reflects on the general experience, even though the group has a determined structure of roles for all it’s members.
The ethical code for group counselors establishes, as a major concept regarding counseling functions, the confidentiality of any information that the pacient reveals within the therapy groups.
b. A discussion of the important elements of counselor identity, function, and ethics related to your topic.
It is essential for group counselors to be competent to be effective leaders and to have adequate supervised experience in whatever area they chose to practice and education to meet the professional standards. In addition, group workers need to acquire skills to work with a diverse client population and to have a broad sensitivity to culturally differences.
The guidelines for ethical behavior for group therapist provided by the American Group Psychotherapy Association focuses on group therapist’s responsibility to inform all patients of their treatment plan and risk, legal rights and terms of confidentiality: group therapists have the responsibility to safeguard patient’s private information within ethical and legal limits and they need to maintain competence in the practice of group therapy. Also, the ethical code I-542 specifically addresses counselors’ inability to guarantee confidentiality when counseling family members and groups.
c. Biblical values and insights related to your topic.
The system of everyday oppression in every communities includes racism, sexism, heterosexism, and class privilege. But Christian-center counselors have the obligation to uphold their biblical, ethical, and professional standards in serving all clients fair no matter their race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, physical handicap, or income class and to have a self-awareness to avoid prejudice behaviors when counseling. The attitudes of Christians counselors relate, also, to setting along group counseling with individual counseling.
IV. Personal reflections about this topic and discussion is my commitment to provide biblically grounded, ethical, and empirically based counseling services.
I choose to research this topic for a number of reasons. First, group counseling helps people to interact more freely with other members that can relate to their personal struggles. Secondly, with professional facilitation and leadership the counselor will be able to offer more support and alternatives to more families at once. Finally, counseling a group provides a climate where people can establish trust and a chance to care about others outside of their own families.
Group counseling is set to diminish the various effects (such as premarital sex, social development, personality alterations) of adolescent females in fatherless family that bring the major prejudice to adulthood and to the contemporary society in general. This research paper examined how being reared fatherless may alter an adolescent female’s personality and her entire social development. This topic has a major importance in the field of counseling because provides the general framework on how present society and adulthood are affected by fatherless families.