Impact Gene Expression – Term Paper Example

Gene expression Gene expression In the argument of Templeton (2006), gene expression can be affected by both environmental or the non genetic factors as well as other factors related to sex. In the event that genes interact with other genes, chances are that changes in relation to Mendelian ratios will occur (Cullen &Lorkowski, 2006). This paper shall analyze three reasons for gene expression and why the gene carried by an individual may not be expressed.
First, as argued by Lobo (2008) the environment in which one grows is crucial in determining gene expression. For instance, in the event that a child grows in an environment where drugs and chemical are a part of the mother’s life, then the child may end up being born prematurely, as drugs hamper the supply of oxygen to the child (Lobo, 2008).
Secondly, the life experiences of a child have a major role to play in their gene expression (Lobo, 2008). In the case that a child grows up in a battered family, chances are that the child may be an introvert, if she is a girl and may not want to be married, or a boy may also become a wife batterer.
Thirdly, gender plays a huge role in the expression a gene (Lobo, 2008). Gene expression in relation to gender is influence by sex and sex limited characteristics (Lobo, 2008). For instance, men are more likely to be bald than the women, as the baldness allele in the men is stronger (Lobo, 2008). On the same note, it is only the women who produce milk yet the lactation gene is in both men and women (Lobo, 2008).
Conclusively, a lot of factors influence gene expression. The interaction of the genes in the environment and outside the environment determines a person.
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