Is Walmart Good For America – Term Paper Example

Is Walmart Good for America? Walmart has been able to manifest sound marketing practices for a long period of time now. This is the reason why it is hailed all over the world. The Walmart stores are a symbol of excellence in building relationships with the suppliers due to the fact that they depend on them immensely. Walmart has thus managed its relationships with these suppliers and given them incentives which have been passed on to the end consumers as well (Kleiner, 1993). What strikes me the most regarding Walmart’s marketing regimes is the fact that it produces sound mechanisms for functioning across the board, and the company knows what it is doing for the betterment of not only its own self but also the suppliers and the end consumers.
Outsourcing is a good thing because it makes an organization attract cheap labor within its domains. Since outsourcing banks on people who would work at their best for the same wage than a national of the country, it is always in high demand because it gets the job done easily and without much fuss. For the US to extract great advantages from outsourcing, it must understand how it can boost its business and then go about hiring individuals out of the region or better enough to entice the regional markets and the offshore ones to go about making new decisions. Outsourcing is the key within this day and age and US needs to understand this aspect more and more if it wants to reap success in the coming times.
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