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Sociological Comments and Analysis The article revolves around discrimination perpetuated against Anthony Harper afire fighter who has changed his diet preference to a vegetarian one. This is a problem because he chooses to be different from his colleagues in matters relating to meat consumption. The sociological change comes with negative treatment from his colleagues who start treating him as an outsider in the workplace. Although the change of attitude towards him starts gradually, it escalates into serious stigmatization which he cannot endure. The happenings in the workplace are normal especially considering that Anthony has changed norms which bonded him to the rest of his mates. Change in norms automatically leads to a change of sociological groups dynamics which in turn lessens cohesion of groups.
Symbolic interaction and social norm concepts are pertinent to the sociological arguments in relation to what is happening within the article. In symbolic interaction, perceptions and perspectives are based on the development of complex symbols. These symbols have important place within an environment in which people interact. It follows then that interactions are primarily interpreted within the context of the symbols. Understanding of different behaviors of people occurs through these symbols which lead to development of self concept and bigger social structures. Changes in self concept of an individual lead to changes in the larger constructed social structures like which the individual is a member. Social norm concept on the idea on the other hand is very important in structural analysis of this paper. Within a group, there are acceptable behaviors which bind members together. When some of the behaviors change, the group can disintegrate or the person deviating from the norm is discriminated.
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