Lifespan: The Later Years Continued – Term Paper Example

Lifespan: The Later Years Continued Compare and contrast… Death is an inevitable reality that cannot be escaped. Beggars and landlords, white and black, everyone has to leave the world through death. No matter how miserable death may seem, to many it is a kind of ritual performance especially for the family of the deceased who conduct several customs upon the death of their loved one. This mini-paper compares two rituals among Muslims and Hindus that they perform around death of their loved ones.
Around death, Muslims sit around the dying person and recite prayers from their Holy Book so that his death becomes easy for him. They tell him to recite the Kalima so that Allah forgives his sins and enters him into Jannah. This is both a religious and a cultural practice. If we look at what Hindus do, we come to know that they make the dying person have sips from their Ganga Jal which is Holy water for them and drinking and taking bath with which removes their sins.
After the person dies, Muslims hold a funeral prayer called the Namaz-e-Janaza and then take the deceased to the cemetery to have him buried in grave. On the other hand, Hindus perform some last rituals called Antam-Saniskar and then burn the body. Then, they make a handful of the burnt body’s ash flow into the Ganga Jal.
Muslims and Hindus perform different practices and customs around death according to their religions and cultures. Whatever the customs, death does not spare anybody no matter which religion or custom one belongs.