Marketing Plan: Phase I – Term Paper Example

Market plan Introduction Starbuch is a company that produces beverages ly coffee and tea (Chris, . This marketing plan illustrates the strategies as well as the market segments we seek to employ so that we penetrate the market. Our uniqueness is to add fruit juice production to the ones already in production. This will bring variety and hence more source of revenue. Of those who will benefit include vegetarians as well as those suffering from cancer (Chris, 2011).
Our mission is to offer our clients with fresh nutritious fruit juices besides the brewed beverages. This will provide both changes to the diet as well as nature health among our clients.
SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis indicates that starbucks has experience making beverages like coffee and tea. The large market share we have will also be helpful. The challenge we have is how to integrate the fruit juices with the product we already manufacture and the cost of production which is expensive. The opportunities such as using it as a strategy to prevent the onset of obesity and provision to micronutrients in the juices will compensate for the challenge (Chris, 2011). Talking to people directly will be helpful as well in speedy spread of information about nutritious product.
The competitive forces include Naked and Fruit Juice companies.
Our objectives
To generate at least $ 250 000 sale within the first year
To produce a nutritious juice that can address public health programs like obesity, cancer.
Target Markets
Our target markets include people of all ages as fruits and vegetables are consumed by everybody. Such deist will be beneficial to vegetarians as well as those with cancer.
Market segmentation will consist of individuals as well as institutions that use fruits daily like schools. Individuals will include vegetarians, the sick. Institutions will consist of school, hospitals; hotels. The market strategy will involve initiating outlets throughout the county of operation for easy access by all customers.
The need for establishing this new product is because people have realized the beneficial aspects of fruits and vegetables in the diet. They are thus shifting from taking items like coffee which have been documented to interfere with organs such as the kidney (Chris, 2012).
The distribution channels will be at all tarbush branches in the entire region. The greatest challenge will be to deal with perish ability of fruits and vegetables juices. However, cold storage will prove quite useful.
Conclusively key issues to success will be reaching a larger market share. A face account will be created for customers of the juice to earn points each time they bring e friend to the joint. Every ten fiends invited will earn a customer a free glass of juice (Chris, 2012). Customers will be allowed to make comments freely on the strategies that can be used to improve the organization. Finally; monitoring and evaluation will be done so as to make an adjustment as appropriate.
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