Mecdonalds – Term Paper Example

McDonald Analysis. Task: McDonald Analysis. McDonald’s is one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, in fact it is the largest hamburger restaurant the world over. In attaining this status, there are various strengths and weaknesses that define McDonald’s operations. Consequently, an analysis of these strengths and weaknesses can facilitate a deeper understanding of McDonald’s operations.
One of McDonald’s biggest strengths is its brand recognition. As a food outlet, it has been in existence for quite a long time and this gives it a firm customer base. Through its brand recognition, it can easily expand and set up outlets in new areas with limited challenges due to its global recognition (Johansen 2012, p. 85). McDonald’s is also able to adapt to the diverse cultures of the different countries that it operates quite easily. Due to its large revenue, it is able to align itself to the cultural and social requirements of the various environments in which it operates, thereby defining another of its strengths.
Nonetheless, it still has some weaknesses, of which the most notable is the negative publicity that it gets due to its relatively unhealthy provisions. Moreover, another weakness is its inability to differentiate it products, but rather competes through price wars. Despite the fact that McDonald’s has been fairly successful as a fast food outlet, it still has objectives that it feels have to be met. As such, its mission is to be the preferred eating and drinking place for its customers. In line with this, the vision is to offer an outstanding customer experience. In addition, McDonald’s goals and objectives include incorporating a more health-based approach to its provisions (Amor 2014, p. 5). This is aimed at tackling the criticism it has always received regarding its products.
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