MIDTERM PART 3 – Term Paper Example

Multiracial Multiracial Effects of multiracial on shaping the lives of different culturesRace is simply a social construct that comprises of community, gender, ethnicity, culture among the rest. However, multiracial arises from biological, sociocultural, and sociopolitical theories. In regards to the effects of multiracial on shaping the lives of different cultures, it has resulted into the emergence of the racial hegemony. Consequently, racial discrimination and oppression has taken toll in different cultures across the world and United States of America in particular (Maria, 1992). The discrimination and oppression result from the fact that some cultures view multiracial as a weakness in terms of mentality, physicality, and morality. In the other hand, other scholars are to the opinion that multiracial individuals are an upgrade of the monoracial since they exhibit hybrid vigor.
Furthermore, multiracial has contributed towards emergence of cultural diversity in different societies that has resulted into confusion, desperation, and loneliness as was experienced in United States of America between 1890 and 1910 (Stefanie 1998). Similarly, multiracial has been compared to acid that corrodes the cultural norms within the societies. However, discrimination and oppression experienced by multiracial individuals has been a source of motivation that has propelled the affected individuals by exploiting their potentials and talents for survival. Currently, most societies have embraced multiracial by freely practicing interracial marriages unlike in the past three decades (Paul & Rowena, 1995).
Multiracial as a way of eradicating racial construct
Historically, the Pacific Islander Americans proves that multiracial can eradicate racial construct. This is because the island comprises of individual of multiracial. In fact, it is difficult to associate any individual with a specific race simply because nearly everybody has a blend of cultures from various races (Paul & Rowena, 1995). The population of pacific islanders is a mixture of individuals of different racial origins such as Native Americans, Africans and European ancestry (Naomi Zack, 1995). Surprisingly, these cultural diverse individuals coexist in a harmony with one another as if they originate from the same ancestry.