Office Manager – Term Paper Example

All the women, including those of child-bearing age, with children or pregnant, are protected by the US against sexual/gender discrimination at work.The decision of the US Supreme Court in the case of Phillips v. Martin Marietta Corp. (1971; 400 U.S. 542) obliges employers to use the same hiring policy for both men and women (Brayton Purcell LLP). Further more, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 prohibits employers form discriminating pregnant women (Armour, 2005).
Therefore, the advertisement for the Administrative Assistant position should welcome both men and women of all ages to apply for the vacancy. The only thing that is possible to be done at this stage is to require an applicant to have, for example, a minimum of 10 years working experience. This will automatically exclude people of younger age, who are more likely to get pregnant or have small children. However, it is not the best option since it will also automatically exclude young men who might be good candidates for the position.
Therefore, interviewed will be the best candidates for the position. At the same time, during the interview they are to be told what the job really involves. This will help the candidates to evaluate whether they will cope with the responsibilities and tense schedule.
As a result, pregnant women, women that can’t devote much time to work because of children, or those planning to have children, are very likely to simply refuse to take the job. So, the best candidate will be chosen from those who agreed to take on the responsibilities of the job.
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