Principles Of Management . Discussion Board # 5 – Term Paper Example

It is clear from the case study Harry is senior to Luther and, therefore, has great ity over him. Luther’s efforts of running the firm more efficiently and effectively are being frustrated by the contra decisions made by Harry. Harry would have approached Luther and ask him if it was right for him to approve Tom’s vacation request. According to (Milkovich, and John, 42), to avoid conflict at workstation and respect among a work team, a superior member should be recognized and his position respected. In fact, if Luther was around that day, he would have referred Tom to him instead of him assuming powers in Luther’s presence.
Both of them are at fault, but Harry carries the greatest blame. This is because he understands clearly the chain of command. A junior staff should not ignore a senior staff that is supposed to perform a certain function and decide to skip ranks. Harry should have made it clear to all staffs that any issue concerning Vacation, should be addressed by Luther and only reach his desk in the absence of Luther.
No, he should not get the vacation. Tom being denied the vacation will instill respect to the office held by Luther. In addition to that, Luther will be motivated that his position and the office are valued, and decisions made are for the firm’s overall excellence.
Harry should write a memo and be posted on the firm’s notice board detailing the chain of command within the organization. All employees should direct their issues to Luther, and depending on the complexity of the matter, Luther will refer the matter to him.
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