Psychoanalysis – Term Paper Example

Psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis From my understanding, psychoanalysis can be regarded as a therapeutic approach used in counseling. I feel that psychoanalysis focuses on the belief that making conscious motivations and thoughts unconscious plays a central role, while dealing with clients who have psychological problems. I understand that one of the concepts that psychoanalysis deals with is transference, which hinges on the transfer of experiences, initially encountered early in life to other people in the environment that a person lives. In addition, the concept of transference can be regarded as crucial in the therapeutic process. In my reading, I also gathered that other crucial concepts in psychoanalysis include free association, therapeutic listening, and therapeutic responding. In my understanding, free association emphasizes that the respondent/client should say what comes to their mind. Moreover, therapeutic listening is a requirement on the part of the therapist to be attentive to what the client says (Corsini & Wedding, 2010).
In my opinion, psychoanalysis also places importance on the role played by the unconscious mind in understanding the psyche of human beings. In addition, the role played by childhood experiences is also emphasized in psychoanalysis. For example, experiences during childhood influence the development of personality, emotional vulnerabilities, as well as current relationships. I also see that Freud stated that conscience operates either at the level of the unconscious or the conscious. In my opinion, Freud’s also places a lot of emphasis on the discussion regarding the structure of the mind. For instance, Freud names three main components of the mind, which include the Id, ego, and the superego. Another crucial aspect of psychoanalysis includes counter transference, which entails the reaction of the therapist towards the client (Corsini & Wedding, 2010). In conclusion, the discussion on psychoanalysis explains deeply the therapeutic process of psychoanalysis and how it works to solve the client’s problems.
Corsini, R. J. & Wedding, D. (2010). Current Psychotherapies. London: Cengage Learning.