Qatar Exchange – Term Paper Example

Qatar Exchange Qatar Exchange Since its inception, Qatar Exchange has witnessed a tremendous growth a factor that saw it upgraded by the MSCI and the Dow Jones indices recently. This paper will discuss the main sectors of the firms listed on Qatar Exchange, the buying and selling of the listed shares, types of orders, and the procedure for investor protection.
Main sectors of the listed firms
The Qatar exchange has a total of 43 listed companies from different sectors. The sectors are Banks and Financial services, Real Estate, Consumer Goods and Services sector, Industrial sector, Telecommunication, Insurance, and the Transportation. Each sector has several companies that is 12, 4, 8, 9, 2, 5, and 3 companies respectively (“Qatar Stock Exchange,” n.d.).
Buying and selling listed shares
For an individual to buy and sell shares in the Qatar exchange, they have to be registered first. For a new member to purchase listed stocks, he or she has to transfer or deposit the money in an account owned by QE. For those who already members, selling the shares listed on QE is done by requesting the transfer of the shares to a securities company such as QSC (“Qatar Securities Company,” n.d.).
Types of orders
Different types of orders are used at the QE. The types are the market order, market to limit order, limit order, and stop orders. The orders may also be classified based on conditions as immediate or cancel orders, fill-or-kill order, minimum-quantity orders, and reserve orders (Qatar Exchange, 2010).
Procedures for investor protection
The Qatar Exchange has a delivery versus payment (DVP) system that ensures adequate investor protection. The DVP is applied throughout all the corporate operations. The DVP provides a procedure for confirmation of the investors under custody. It also offers a buy-in mechanism and a scheme for buyer compensation that ensures the investor is unaffected in case the seller rejects (“Qatar exchange upbeat on DVP,” n.d.).
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