Reaction To The Film Kinsey – Term Paper Example

Tiffany Colasuonno Theoharis Gender & Politics November 15th, Bill Condon’s Kinsey Director Bill Condons film Kinsey tackled a very sensitive topic even at the modern era. It was not promoting sex itself but it was meant to open up the eyes of people that a person’s behavior is influenced by different life experiences that a person has in his life. During the scene when the Kinsey family was having dinner, they were having a discussion about sex. Bruce, the son of Prok and Mac, got offended with the topic. In that scene alone, even if a society is said to be an open and liberated one, there are still topics which can be considered as taboo and should be kept private. There is still a perceived proper time and place for certain topics.
The film was made with the purpose of opening the audience’s mind with such a very sensitive topic playing and risking the capability of the people who are watching to accept the issue. In the middle part of the film, Prok’s male assistants needed to have sex with women other than their wife. This is the part where it seemed that one by one the assistants started to be uncomfortable, seeing their wives being pleasured by other man. Though the film still has its story, there were scenes and visual elements even with the purpose in the film are considered great risks in the film itself because there are people who may consider such elements as vulgar and unacceptable. Just like breast exposures and the slides with the male and female sex organs during the earlier part of the film.
There was nothing more influential in promoting or contradicting an issue than presenting it to the public known for open-mindedness and acceptance. That is what the movie is about more than the sex. It is more of accepting one person’s totality regardless of his experiences and what other people think of his or her ideals and views. A person is judged because of his heart and his mind rather than sexuality or experiences that he or she may have in their life. During the last few scenes of the movie, Prok was questioned by Martin on why in everything that he have written and discussed, he never put in the idea of one’s love for his partner. He said that love is something which cannot be measured and without measurements there can be no science. When Prok said that he had never seen a discontented tree was a very powerful line. That despite of everything, the tree is grasping to the land with his roots. Maybe that was his way of saying that true pleasure is not with the number of people one have intercourse with, true pleasure is being with the one a person truly loves despite of everything that they may encounter along the way.
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