See Below CJ 210 Wk5 – Term Paper Example

Workplace safety This is a violence accident that happened on a construction site. It so happened that a laborer was throwing the bricks of a dismantled wall from the roof to the ground. The laborer was not apparently visible from the ground floor, so a passerby would not know if someone was throwing the bricks then. While the laborer was throwing the bricks, there was no indication of the same anywhere on the ground floor so that no one would walk into that area while the bricks were being thrown. So another laborer entered the area. While he was passing, a brick missed his eye from less than a centimeter of a distance but knocked him in the toe. The laborer had got his toe fingers fractured and was bleeding badly.
This incident could have been prevented if some signal board had been placed on the ground and the danger zone had been marked with a chalk. As a security manager, I would call a meeting of all site supervisors and would seriously instruct them to mark the danger zone with white chalk before throwing the bricks. Irwin permanent marking chalk is quite suitable for this purpose (Irwin Tools, 2011). If I can, I would get them one or two boom-loader machines for offloading the bricks rather than continuing with the practice of throwing down the bricks one by one. I would also alarm the passersby with the help of signal boards with red light in them for added effects. Neon signs would work best because they are “very bright, energy efficient and very affordable” (Neon Design A Sign, 2011).
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