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Sociological Explanation for Missing Sociology Term Paper February 12, Sociological Explanation for Missing Class
In sociology, three major theoretical perspectives are used in viewing the social universe and social interactions. These theoretical perspectives include the conflict perspective, symbolic interactionist perspective and the functionalist perspective (Gewirtz and Cribb 4). These theories are useful in explaining and predicting social phenomena and human behavior including absence from class. Though absence is generally for overall performance. Occasional absence might have underlying reasons when genuinely explained. In this paper, I will attempt to explain the reasons why I missed two classes at the beginning of the school semester using the functionalist perspective.
According to the functionalist school of sociology, the human society is made up of a system of interrelated components that work together for a state of equilibrium to be maintained (Gewirtz and Cribb 6). A dysfunction in any part of the society disrupts the harmony of the whole. I understand in the school society, class attendance is important not only for harmony to be maintained in the whole school, but also for the greater success of the student and the entire school. Good class attendance is connected to success in examinations and future career success.
I believe that I am a good student who faithfully attends classes. However, during the start of the semester, I missed first two classes in week one due to confusion concerning the scheduling and venue of the classes. I understand that this dysfunctional element in my class attendance can have negative implications on my general performance and probably disrupt the whole class. It is because of this understanding that I decided to make up for the missed classes and attended extra classes in the second week. It was never my intention to miss any of the classes, and I hope that I did not disrupt the normal societal functioning of the class.
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