Southwest Air Lines – Term Paper Example

Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines is recognized as the leading economical carrier in the United s (Gittell 1). It was founded in 1967 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. This airline company has over 37,000 employers. Furthermore, the company operates more than 3,200 flights daily. This asserts that the structural organization of the firm has significantly enhanced effective strategy implementation and leadership practices. This paper will discuss the firm’s context using the guidelines provided.
Southwest’s culture and structure facilitates effective strategy implementation in the carrier and its operations (Gittell 3). This airline company has tremendously outdone its competitors in several ways. For example, the company’s low-priced flight costs are acknowledged as brand equity hence; the company has secured a significant position in the market. Furthermore, the company is renowned for its exemplary service and diverse culture that has substantially augmented solidarity in the firm. Research asserts that the company has achieved its success through constant motivation of its employers.
There is also a firm relationship between the firm’s strategy, environment, culture and structure. As stated above, the firm has numerous strategies that substantially contribute to its triumph in airline transport. Some of the prominent strategies include market positioning, marketing strategies, product distribution and pricing strategies. As a matter of fact, most airlines should emulate the company’s strategic ideas to sustain their competition in the market (Gittell 8). The team culture is ideally an essential aspect which ensures that all employers work together to achieve a common goal. Southwest Airlines has achieved this through novelty and creativity in their carrier services.
In conclusion, the structure of the firm is connected to the leadership attributes applied in the carrier. This firm ensures that the employees are motivated in order to improve their effectiveness in the provision of services. The leadership practices act as a source of competitive advantage to other airlines (Gittell 2). This is because leadership at Southwest has aided in enhancing the triumph of the company. Further analysis proves that the Chief Executive Officer of the airline; Herb Kelleher, has created a unique leadership style that has improved the company’s competition. His leadership style can be closely allied to the contemporary path-goal theory.

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