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Lord of the Flies Among the boys stranded on the island, the two that I like most are Piggy and Ralph. They both play very important roles in the story and they complement each other in terms skills and contributions towards the common good of all the boys.
Piggy was the one who had thought of the need to find the other boys. It was him who conceived of the idea to use the conch shell to summon the others. Piggy made a blowing horn out of the conch shell and a sundial out of a simple stick. Moreover, it was Piggy who brought the specs to the island which they used to build fire.
Finally, Ralph relied heavily on Piggy for ideas. And when Ralph falters, Piggy was always there to remind him about his position as chief, about the need to keep the fire going and about the authority of the conch shell. When the boys were too scared to go to the mountain to tend the fire, it was Piggy who thought about moving it to the beach.
On the other hand, Ralph was the elected leader and he held on to it until their last day on the island. When the navy officer asked for the boss, he bravely stepped forward and presented himself. He was the courageous leader who went to confront Jack about the fire and Piggy’s specs. He looked out for the others especially the Littluns. He built huts for them to stay and tried to keep order within their little organization.
Ralph did try to fulfill his duties as the chief, although on many occasions, he had to rely on Piggy. To his credit, Ralph did acknowledge the fact that he is not as intelligent as Piggy and that he needs him. It was also Ralph who found the shell in the first place. Finally, unlike the other boys, Ralph did not succumb to savagery. He remained true to his civilized morality.
In sum, Ralph and Piggy steered the story to its course. Without them, the novel might have gone on an entirely different path.
Golding,W. Lord of the Flies.