Step3 – Term Paper Example

Jack and the Lord of the Flies Antagonists are an important element in any good story. Although they make the protagonist’s life difficult, they are actually helping them shine and stand out. There can’t be a hero without a villain. For this reason, I choose to analyze the characters of Jack and the Lord of the Flies for my paper.
Jack was a natural leader. And he knows it that is why he volunteered to be chief. Upon realizing that there were no grownups on the island, Jack declared that they’ll have to look after themselves. When Ralph told him that the choir could be his army, he immediately declared that they will be hunters. He knew at that moment that there was no need for an army, but there was an urgent need for hunters to feed the boys. Jack was the brave one who explored through the forest and brought them meat.
However, Jack was rather weak in his morality because he later gave in to the call of evil inside of him. He let his savage instincts get the better of him. Worse, he did not just stop at hunting for food; he became so cold and evil. He murdered two boys.
The Lord of the Flies actually symbolizes the evil that has gripped Jack and his tribe. And when it talked to Simon, it shows us how evil tempts a person into doing things that he will soon regret. The Lord of the Flies targeted Simon’s weaknesses in the same way that evil found its way into Jack’s heart through his growling stomach. The Lord of the Flies is the physical manifestation of evil on the island. As the swarm of flies continues to grow in number, so does the amount of evil on the island.
They were bad and evil indeed, but Jack and the Lord of the Flies made their life on the island worth retelling over and over again.
Golding, W. The Lord of the Flies.