Suggesting Ways They Might Improve The Design Of Internal Documents They Write – Term Paper Example

How to improve the design of internal documents MEMO All Members of Staff Accounting Department Supervisor 04/05/2012
SUBJECT: How to Improve the Design of Internal Documents
Document design refers to creating texts that integrate words and pictures in ways that assist people in an organization to communicate. The key aim of a document design remains the successful presentation of data within the company (Stephanie, 2011). Document designing refers to the process of coordinating text, graphics and typography for the purpose of instructing, informing or persuading. The act requires a skilful selection and structuring of the document content. Some of the ways to improve the quality and presentability of the internal documents include:
Theme: A theme is a well designed set of fonts, colours and graphics that can be used in a document with a click. Theme provides emphasis without overwhelming the content.
Styles: Styles assist in formatting the elements of a document consistently. They save time and work.
Graphics: Graphics can be used to illustrate key points easily. Use of diagrams in a document is attractive and easy to understand. The graphic chosen should coordinate well with the active document theme.
Tables: Tables can be used to hold text or graphics. They simplify complex layouts and are easy to manage.
Footnotes: A footnote is easy to insert and access. They can be used when referencing or in support of an important point. Footnotes help keep supporting data out of the way. Use of headers and footers will help display key points and make the document attractive.
In conclusion, there are many ways of improving the design of internal documents. Most of the designs are easy to create and manage and will assist in displaying information.
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