Summary Of Pocahontas Reading – Term Paper Example

Summary of Pocahontas Reading The story begins with John Smith being held captive as the Powhatan prisoner. Heis taken to Opechankeno where other Englishmen are also held as prisoners but are already dead. They have been dead for days with countless arrows in their bodies. This has started in the December of 1607.
From December to the mid of April John Smith is dragged to many villages. On their arrival to every village, Smith thinks that he will be executed. But he is not and so he begins to learn the language of the Indians. He is at first taken to Rappahannochs, and from there he is taken to the Powhatan tribe. Smith and his Indian masters create a stir in that tribe. Pocahontas belongs to this tribe. Smith is not the first Englishmen to be imprisoned but still people are curious about this “stocky man past his youth.”
Smith is weak, utterly exhausted and malnourished as he has been away from home for almost a year now. On April 13th, Smith is transferred to the Kekoughtan territory. Here the people are much friendlier. Then on My 13th he is taken to the land of Wowinchopunk where he receives the same amiable behavior but gradually people become cruel towards Smith (Helen). The reason is that many other tribes have turned violent suddenly due to the presence of this Englishman. Some days later on June 14, two warriors from Powhatan arrive in this land and say that two tribes are outraged at the arrival of Smith and from then onwards a vicious war begins between different tribes and the Englishmen. After a lot of chaos, Smith arrives at the Chikahominy land where he is received grandly, despite his utter confusion. A few days later Smith is visited by Powhatan. They are furious because an outsider is dressed elegantly, in fur and beads. After being surrounded by thousands of Indians, he is stoned. Amidst all the Indians, stands Pocahontas and is horrified at this vileness. She throws herself at Smith and saves him. When Powhatan sees this he frees Smith and lets him go.
From then onwards, John Smith has been a legend in many stories, the first one being the popular myth of Pocahontas. The Algonkian culture is proud to showcase this legend and puts him on the pedestal in many stories and tales (Helen 101).
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