Synopsis Of Your Experience – Term Paper Example

Synopsis of Experience The on History of Western Music was generally very enlightening, informative, and rewarding. The manner by which the course modules were presented were clearly structured starting from simple topics ranging from sound versus noise, learning the language prior to delving into music of various eras: medieval, church music, classical music, music from the romantic era, during the industrial revolution, until contemporary times.
The website used mymusiclab was likewise, equally effective in introducing the topics for discussion. The essay-discussion method assisted in reinforcing insights and ideas that were presented in the assigned modules. The manner by which students were required to give comparative analyses of music of diverse periods were creative and hones analytical skills: the documentary on the Life of in a Medieval Monastery was compared to contemporary monastery life as exemplified in Sister Act movie; classical music played by young student’s of today’s generation as contrasted to those played during the classical era; diverse renditions of Schubert’s “Erlkonig” were interesting to listen to; diverse interpretations of composers during the Romantic era were highly inspirational; and the concerts remunerated through Broadway Musical and the “Free Concert in Dogwood Park” were equally profoundly exceptional.
I enjoyed listening from diverse musical compositions from various musical eras and composed by famous composers such as George Frideric Handel, Vivaldi, Ludwig Van Beethoven (named my personal favorite composer), Franz Liszt, among others.
The journey and experience in class enhanced one’s aesthetic point of view in terms of appreciating music from multidimensional perspectives. I learned that contemporary music did not exist in isolation but was actually a collaborative product of music as influenced by past eras.
The instructional method was effective and interesting as it veered away from the conventional lecture approach which could be very boring and restrictive in personal expression. The learning objectives in the module were definitely achieved as students’ learning were enhanced, awareness on history of western music was developed and retained, and the quench for more and new learning on today’s music and those expected in the future remains to be seen.