Term Paper Abstract- Casey Anthony Investigation – Term Paper Example

on the Casey Anthony Investigative processes and crime scene processing theory on the Casey Anthony Investigative processes and crime scene processing theory
During a one-month long trial of a mother who was accused of killing her daughter aged two, Florida jurors had a task of determining whether Casey Anthony did commit murder or not. Even though everyone has a personal way of viewing guilty or innocence, the most important matter is that the result in this case was based on the quality of the investigation carried out. From the initial note of loss of concluding outlook, the steps taken to investigate an assertion is what determines the ultimate value of the process. From contacting, the suitable parties and examining damaged assets to establish liability and negotiate settlements, the result centers on the investigation (Young, 2008). In the case of Casey Anthony, Due process was applied to demonstrate the principle that each individual citizen have rights and that his property, liberty, and life should not be deprived from him without following the legal processes and safeguards. This process requires fairness involving both substantive and procedural aspects.
In an attempt to complete any given task, one needs a particular criterion to do so. The crime scene processing theory is similar to this respect, since there are tasks interconnected to each work objective. Each crime scene is unique and may need a different approach to process it. However, one major crime scene protocol should be considered in all crime scenes. The basic tasks or functions include interviewing, examination, photograph, sketching, and a process. Crime scene processing is to help in finding evidence; both testimonial and physical evidence. Basically, the theory focuses on: investigation, methodologies to analyze case files and follow ups, methods of creating leads from circumstantial and physical evidence, the procedure for interviewing suspects and witnesses, diversity in specialty investigations, and evaluation of the application of processing techniques used in crime scene.
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