The Interview – Term Paper Example

The Interview The Second World War saw the fall of the Nazi regime which was responsible for one of the crimes against humanity ever seen in the globe. The Nazi regime condemned it war prisoners to death especially the Jew. The Nazi put up gas chambers and crematoriums to kill the Jew that was held up in the labor camps. Labor camps during the Second World War were set up in Germany and every country colonized by the nation. The interview evaluates the treatment of Jews as explained by the workers and director of Auschwitz state museum during the Second World War.
David Cole starts the interview by first going through the history and plan of the museum. Various areas in the museum are evaluated and compared to the initial plan of the prison. The changes in the buildings are captured and explained. The interview also explains the holocaust and gathering evidence to prove that the holocaust existed. The questions asked include the evidence of hair and piles of cloths shoes were found. The presence of Zyklon B also supports the presence of the holocaust. The evidence can be refuted by providing explanations all the evidence (Cole 5:12).
The hair was shaved off the inmates to control the rice problems. The shoe and cloth piles were as a result of the uniform given to the inmates. The chemical Zyklon B was used as a pesticide to disinfect the cloths. The interview on Dr. Franciszek Piper was meant to set the record straight from information previously provided by the tour guide. The reconstruction of the gas chamber means that they can not be used as evidence for extermination.
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