The National Security Impact Phase – Term Paper Example

The National Security Impact Phase October 15, The port of savannah is the second largest port in the country. It is located in savannah Georgia, along river savannah. It lines up along the river, for approximately 18 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is operated by Georgia Port Authority. The port is made up of the garden city terminal, which is the largest container terminal, lying on a 1200 acre piece of land. The ocean terminal is a break bulk facility specializing in rapid and efficient handling of vast of array forest and wood product. The 208 acre facility features 6688 feet of deep water berthing.
The port has various facilities it controls, connected through the information system. They include a railway system, power and sewage systems adequate steps have to be taken into consideration while developing the information system since it predisposes the port to security risks.
The USA PATRIOT and USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005, were geared towards protecting the country from terrorism related activities. Section 202 of USA patriot Act, allows the government security agencies such as federal bureau of investigation to intercept communication of computer trespassers. The act further revises the criminal responsibility and procedure for criminal activities committed on a port.
To improve security, one must explore innovative ideas and practical solutions to improve the port preparedness and response to terrorists attack and any logistical problem that may arise at the port facilities. The system must design to prevent hackers and users who are not allowed into the port’s information system.
The port new information system poses organizational challenges. They include maintaining security while at the same time maintaining the flow of goods. It imposes a requirement for the government agencies to cooperate to deter terrorism related activities. Therefore, the system must be designed in such a way to incorporate other government agencies.
Savannah port is a vital infrastructure in the country. It thus poses a risk to national security if the security status at the port is bleached. The port serves as an entry and exit point to cargo and could be employed by terrorists to smuggle weapons in and out of the country. Dirty bombs delivered through the cargo containers could crumble the nation’s economy, given that the economy dependent on free movements of the goods.
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