World War 1 On Both The Eastern And Western Fronts And The Outcome Of The Conflict. Also Discuss The – Term Paper Example

World War I had two main fronts in Europe. The Eastern Front was where the Central Powers fought the Russians. This battle line was fought in today’sPoland, Romania, and the Ukraine. The Western Front was fought along the French and Italian borders. Russia lost Poland and some of the Ukraine due to the Russian Revolution’s government changes. Lenin had promised the Russian people to pull out of the war, so a treaty favoring the Central Powers was drafted. After the war was lost by the Central Powers, Poland became an independent state with the Ukraine reverting back to the newly formed Soviet Union. The Western Front pushed Germany into the pre-WWII boundaries. The Central Powers had the chance to win, but critical mistakes brought America into the war. This sealed Germany’s fate at Versailles.
When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia July 28, 1914, Russia attacked in support of Serbia (OETA). Germany than entered the war a few days later. On August 4, 1914, Germany invaded neutral Belgium which caused Great Britain to enter on Russia’s side (OETA). In 1915, Germany began a blockade of Great Britain sinking all ships approaching England (OETA). After sinking the Lusitania, Germany stopped attacking ships due to the fear America might enter the war. When Germany started sinking ships again and making threats, America entered the war in 1917. Russia and the Central Powers reached a peace agreement in late 1917 (OETA). This ended the conflict on the Eastern Front. The fighting on the Western Front ends a year later with Great Britain and America come out the victors.
The Central Powers lost the opportunity to win through their insistence on a vigorous U-boat campaign against ships. If the Americans were not incensed by the loss of their cargo, ships, and civilian, they would not have joined the war. America joining the war gave Great Britain the help needed to win WWI. These and other mistakes had led to the oppressive treaty at Versailles for the Germans. The Versailles treaty caused WWII.
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