Writer's Choice – Thesis Proposal Example

Your full full February 28, Thesis Proposal Topic for the Thesis “Design and analysis of privacy-preserving network and cryptographic protocols”
Aim of the Research
In today’s networked environments, information security is the focus of the management. Although there are several protocols and security mechanisms available for the protection of sensitive information, yet one cannot guarantee the security of the networked environments. In such a situation, generation of a reliable secret key can be effective as it can encrypt and decrypt the data while ensuring data integrity and authentication.
In this thesis, we will focus on designing a new pair wise key management scheme, which will include the properties of digital signatures and blindness along with the use of private handshakes. The key management scheme will be using Boneh and Shachams group signature scheme to ensure security of wireless networks.
We will perform a deep analysis of different privacy protocols to know their usability for designing a new protocol. We will be conducting a comparative research based on existing research in this area and concerns over information security. We will collect data and statistics and will organize them in the form of charts and tables. The whole research will take around one month.
Results as Predicted
We predict that the results will be helpful to get an exact idea of what actually needs to be done to maximize security of data and information. The newly designed pair wise key management scheme is going to be very helpful for protection of the identities using wireless networks and instant messaging services.

Works Cited
This is a proposal so no resources used.